unknown person driving BMW car
unknown person driving BMW car

Drive Safely, Stay Alive

Learn from a survivor of life-threatening accidents

About Steve Dziadik

Steve Dziadik has a driving life that has two life threatening accidents early on that he and his family were fortunate enough to survive. For the last 13 years he has owned and operated the Driving School of Florida teaching Defensive Driving techniques to thousands of young, as well as older drivers. His life experiences and unique perspective on driving safety have created a combination in him that makes what he says both instructional and interesting.

The Author has spent the last decade and a half instructing students of all ages in Defensive Driving Techniques. He has personally experienced two nearly fatal crashes in his earlier life which he shares with his readers.

Driving Safety Tips

Discover valuable tips and techniques to enhance your driving skills and stay safe on the road. Gain insights from Steve Dziadik's personal experiences and expert instruction.

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How’s My Driving?

How do YOU see your driving safety? The primarily goal of this book is to encourage an increase in the level of defensive driving awareness for the reader. The author utilizes some of his family’s unfortunate driving experiences, wherever possible, for added emphasis. The benefit to the reader is an opportunity to feel the pain his family felt and learn from it. His chapter on “Automobile Insurance 101” will break coverages down in a way that is palatable, as well as useful. Finding out AFTER a crash what protection should have been in place is tragic. “Driving safely is no accident”. Understanding and practicing that phrase will result in a safer and happier commuting life for everyone!